keyword analysis keyword analysis

keyword analysis

Our objective is to identify keyword phrases that are relevant to your business, enjoy a low level of competition, and which people are actually using in the search engines. To achieve this objective, we will:

Conduct specialized market research of your business sector and geographical area from an internet marketing perspective.

Investigate a wide range of keyword phrases relevant to your business that people are actually searching on right now!

Apply proprietary metrics and processes to assess each keyword phrase for existing competition levels… so you don’t waste time or money trying to get ranked for terms that are overly competitive.

Provide you with a full report of our research findings, along with a list of 20-50 recommended keyword phrases containing the lowest possible competition and maximum amount of searches.

Once the analysis is complete, we will use the identified keywords to improve both your on-page and off-page search engine optimization. For the on-page SEO, we will utilize keywords from the list wherever possible to optimize individual pages of your website. For the off-page SEO, we will use keywords from the list in articles, videos, and Google Maps listings.

By focusing your SEO on keywords identified via this analysis, your website will enjoy better rankings in the search engines more quickly.

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